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Our premier sash window, for when “only the best” will do. Exclusive deep glazing bar and beads, with Krypton gas units, means symphony is “A rated” , all joints are traditional, vertical butt joints.

upvc range symphony


Exclusive deep glazing bar and beads, with Krypton gas units, means Harmony is “A rated”. butt jointed bottom rail and sash horns make this range Virtually indistinguishable from original timber windows.

upvc range harmony


Staff bead frame with putty line sashes, “A rated” with the same beautiful furniture and attention to detail, melody is ideal for clients who appreciate quality but have a restricted budget

upvc range melody


Torso spring balances and special slide mechanisms allow these windows to slide and tilt inwards for cleaning. They come with the same choices as symphony, harmony and melody.

masterframe bygone


If you’re having trouble making up your mind. you’ll find this simple comparison table will help compare your choices, so that you select the windows that are right for you.



Wooden Sash Windows

Traditional wooden sash windows, our installers can offer solid timber windows, using oak, hard woods or softwood. Being a natural material, solid timber can twist and move over time. Warped timber destroys any weather performance and sash windows rely upon precision manufacturing and touching brush seals. To avoid any such problems we use high performance laminated or engineered timber. This construction makes a solid, timber section, free from knots with incredible strength properties.

You can have the choice of two Bygone ranges; the traditional timber sash window hung on weights and pulleys or hardwood sash windows hung on spiral metal balances that also allow an easy cleaning option.

We install the very best in high quality timber sash windows, designed and engineered to your exact requirements. Whether you are looking to replace your current timber sash windows, with authentic sash windows which comply with the latest modern energy efficiency standards, or whether you are looking to transform the image of your house, with authentic sash windows, you have come to the right place.

  • Beautiful Wooden Sash Windows
  • Using the finest Timber Sash Windows Materials
  • All Hardwood Sash Windows are guaranteed to last years to come

Our Timber Sash Windows, will give you the traditional quality along with the latest in glazing technologies, to give an impressive result, every time!

Hardwood Sash Windows

If you looking for stunning, highly energy efficient hardwood sash windows, to both enhance the look of your home, and reduce energy bills, then look no further. The Bygone Collection ties together quality with practicality to produce the highest quality new and replacement sash windows for your home.

Our hardwood sash window collection, is manufactured using the highest quality materials, meaning, that even in adverse whether conditions, your windows, will retain their strength, structure and aesthetics for many years to come.


Masterframe – The Bygone Collection

Terraced houses or glorious detached homes, the Bygone Collection is designed to harmonise with any building, retaining it’s charm and character.

The Bygone Collection provides you with a wide range of authentic styles, spanning three hundred years of sash window development from early Georgian, to late Victorian.

Our objective has always been to replicate the original look and style of period homes. Authentic looking windows with all of the benefits that the latest technology offers.

Even new build homes will instantly achieve the elegant look, charm and appeal that properties with sash windows are synonymous with.

Cheap Sash Windows – Don’t make the mistake!

Many cheap upvc replacement sash windows spoil the character, charm and feel of homes because they are not balanced. It’s hard to describe but cheap sash windows or inappropriate window styles simply destroy the aesthetics (and value) of properties.

Replacing the entire window, not cutting corners by leaving the old frames in situ, guarantees the character will remain in tact.

With The Bygone Collection from South Lakes Windows Ltd you can be assured that the glass panes will be equal in both sashes giving the same balanced appearance and elegant proportions as the original craftsmen desired.

Sash Window Security

A sash window needs to pass BS7950 before it can be considered secure. The Bygone Collection was the first sash window (of any material) to pass this new British Standard for sash windows in 2006.

Two of the critical areas however are the cam catches and keeps…

Exclusively available to The Bygone Collection, the opposite handed cams (on larger windows) which centralise the sashes in the frame preventing them from being forced to one side of the window, weakens it and allows easier entry.

Solid Keeps are secured with four fixing screws. Two vertically and two horizontally into steel reinforcement to maximise ability to resist shear forces. The majority of keeps on other windows are just screwed to the PVC-U beading, which in testing has proven to take less than 15 seconds to break into!

Peace of mind security

Bygone sash windows give you the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that you, your home and your loved ones are safe, by using the high security features of Bygone sash windows


Authentic Timber Effect UPVC Sash Windows in Conservation Areas

A replacement window made from modern materials such as UPVC may seem to fly in the face of history, however today more conservation officers and planning inspectors are convinced by Bygone sash windows because of their looks, but also because they can exceed the demands of energy efficiency, security and recycleability.

When most hear the words “UPVC” they instinctively think of the thousands of casement windows that were installed in the early 1980’s when double glazing first became popular. This has damaged the charm and character of many buildings.

“The Bygone collection appears to replicate a traditional sash window very closely. The effect is so convincing that it is difficult to differentiate between the two (timber original) even at close quarters.”

Inspector from the office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

So authentic is the effect that a senior planner standing just feet away from a Bygone sash window actually said, “I don’t want timber – I want a UPVC sash window”, he couldn’t believe his eyes seeing our white acrylic timber finish!

On occasion timber sash windows are the only accepted replacement material. The Bygone Collection can provide these too with enhanced thermal efficiency and greater security than the original sashes.

TRUST SOUTH LAKES WINDOWS LTD for stunning PVCu sash windows


The Grades in England are I, II* and II. The buildings are graded to show their relative architectural or historic interest:

  • Grade I buildings are of an exceptional historic architectural interest
  • Grade II* are particularly important buildings of more than a special interest
  • Grade II are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them
  • Article 4 (2) Direction can be introduced by the local planning authority and it is to encourage the retention of the high quality features of buildings in the Conservation Area. Planning permission will be required for a number of changes including windows and doors.
  • Article 4 (1) Direction can be introduced by the local planning authority but requires to be approved by the government. Planning permission will be required for a number of changes including windows and doors.

Listing currently protects approximately 500,000 buildings, of which the majority – over 90% – are Grade II. Grade I and II* buildings may be eligible for English Heritage grants for urgent major repairs. You are extremely unlikely to get any form of grant for a Grade II listed building.

Listed Building Consent

Anyone who wants to demolish a listed building, or to alter or extend one in any way that affects its character, must obtain “listed building consent” from the local planning authority. It is an offence to demolish, alter or extend a listed building without listed building consent.


If an application for listed building consent is refused, or granted subject to conditions, the applicant has the right to appeal to the Secretary of State. The procedure for appealing is virtually identical to the procedure for appealing against a refusal of planning permission. The applicant can include, as one of the grounds of appeal, an argument that the building is not of a special architectural or historic interest and ought not to be listed.


Some listed building enjoy a more favourable position on the payment of VAT on works than unlisted buildings. Alterations to non business listed buildings are not subject to VAT as long as work is carried out by a VAT registered builder and with listed building consent. This relief only applies to qualifying listed buildings carried out with the appropriate consent.


Article 4 directive.

The council had an eyesore of a building. Some years before owners had installed wholly inappropriate aluminum sash windows into the existing box frames. These ruined the aesthetics of the property and its surrounding neighbourhood.

Masterframe sash windows (PVCu) were however approved as suitable replacements, as they matched the existing timber sash windows. The property in question is photographed here, and hopefully illustrates the authenticity previously described.

Yet this approval does not extend to the remaining sash windows in the same property, consequently part of the home is warm, energy efficient and secure, the remainder isn’t!

PVCu windows in the same building as timber originals… the difference!

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