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Affordable, luxurious extensions of your living space, that stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Loggia is a modern building system that provides the best way to build the best rooms. It builds stunning extensions, replaces the traditional conservatory and makes orangeries affordable. Beautiful, comfortable rooms all year round, that add value to your home and everyday living.

Combining the very best of British building excellence with a generous helping of Italian inspiration, Loggia is, quite simply, a revelation.

A unique building concept that creates beautiful home extensions with revolutionary engineering, that harmonise perfectly with any home design.

The addition of a Loggia extension will improve the value of your home significantly more than a traditional conservatory, making it a sound financial investment too.

Loggia Home Extension - South Lakes Windows Ltd

Loggia Inspiration

Combining the very best of British building excellence with a generous helping of Italian inspiration, Loggia is, quite simply, a revelation.

A unique building concept that exceeds expectations and totally redefines the conservatory.

The key inspiration for Loggia emanates from the Italian Renaissance period.

Ultraframe have taken those same guiding architectural principles to create a new building that combines remarkable aesthetics with revolutionary engineering to harmonise perfectly with British home design.

Impressively built with all the style and solidity of an extension, Loggia will add substantial value to your home, making it an excellent investment at a surprisingly affordable price.

From its supremely well-crafted roof to the immaculate glazing and solidly reassuring plastered walls, this is design innovation taken to a whole new level.

Our total commitment to delivering structural excellence and high quality build will ensure that your Loggia offers superb thermal performance, lower fuel bills and a luxurious living environment all year round.

The inspiration for the name ‘Loggia’ emanates from the Italian Renaissance. One of the finest early examples is The Loggia of Vasari in Arezzo.

Loggia Extensions Video

Loggia Extensions Video

Loggia Home Extensions - South Lakes Windows Ltd

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Loggia Engineering

Whatever your visual preferences, Loggia will more than measure up to your expectations.

It combines elements of light and sky with the solidity of corner columns possessing real inner core strength, plus internal plastered walls and ceilings, to create a ‘real room’ feel. (Just like having a new extension, but at a fraction of the cost).

Its advanced roof and window glazing possesses excellent U-values, making it warmer and cosier in the winter (at typically half the cost of heating a conventional conservatory) and cooler in the summer, so you can use your Loggia all year round.

And even the amount of light and sky you’ll enjoy is down to you – to create the room of your dreams, you can choose from floor to ceiling glazing panels, or windows combined with low walls.

You’ll also find that because of its ingenious construction, your Loggia can be built within a much shorter timeframe than you might expect, with no compromise on quality:

  • By using only the finest quality materials on the internal specification, your Loggia will possess an inner strength and solidity which will last for years and years. Loggia full height columns – depending upon locality – feature additional steelwork and are anchored to the foundations for absolute structural integrity, making it more robust than a conventional conservatory
  • The columns offer the flexibility of various siting options, integrating glazing and plastering perfectly and creating a well – constructed extension that will add considerable value to your home.
  • The Loggia columns are super – insulated with a core of Styropor carbon-enriched EPS, giving you exceptional insulation performance and strength.
  • Because ten times more heat will escape through a window than through a Loggia column, its thermal performance is singularly impressive. On a 4 column Loggia, heating costs are less than half that of a standard conservatory, and on a 7 column Building Regulation- compliant Loggia, costs are reduced by almost two thirds.
  • By using columns instead of awkward-to-build brick piers, site installation is vastly speeded up, saving a number of days in on-site build time.
  • Because there is no requirement for Building Regulations, you’ll be enjoying your new Loggia lifestyle far sooner than you expect.
Loggia Columns - Play Video

Loggia Column Construction Video

Loggia Construction Video - South Lakes Windows Ltd

Loggia Construction Video

Loggia Features

Many iconic buildings created during the Italian Renaissance have stood the test of time for two reasons: rare design ingenuity and a total focus on longevity.

Loggia corner columns follow those same guiding principles, possessing a core strength which delivers real rigidity and durability.

Whichever design option you choose, South Lakes Windows total commitment to quality and engineering excellence will ensure that your Loggia will last and last:

Loggia Column Features

  • Loggia columns are super-insulated and precision engineered, with a U-value of only 0.15 W/m2 Degree C, making them twice as efficient as a normal insulated cavity wall and 10 times more effective than typical window glazing.
  • The design of the columns allows for seamless integration of side windows and doors and masonry elements.
  • Internally, Loggia’s construction is just like a real room, with a plastered finish just like traditional masonry.
  • With a range of options available, you can achieve exactly the style of Loggia you want. Available in either large or small sizes to suit your building, there is also the option to mix or match to suit your chosen design.
  • Columns can be sited in a number of places around the perimeter – at 90 degree external corners, in-between frames, either side of door openings or at the abutment to your property.
  • Columns that sit next to the existing wall (abutment columns) have an integrated hidden ‘pocket’ where a rainwater pipe can be concealed to drain the roof. Much better than having a wall-mounted rainwater pipe, which can be unsightly.
  • Additional detailing is available at the base of the full height Loggia columns, with a range of options to personalise your new living space and harmonise with your pathways and landscaping.
  • With Loggia, nothing is left to chance. On the 90 degree corner columns, we input your postcode on our sophisticated analysis software U-design. This then calculates if additional structural support is needed and if so, seamlessly adds enhanced support: a) where the column integrates with the foundations and b) when items such as bi-folding doors are integrated.
  • Loggia full height columns – depending upon locality – feature additional structural steelwork anchored to the foundations for absolute structural integrity meaning it is more robust than a conservatory.

Loggia Choices

Loggia Choices

1Depending on the look you choose, your columns can be full height or sit on a low wall. They’ll be a striking feature of your front corners but could also be situated at the rear corners too, against the wall of your home. The choice is yours.

2You can choose from a distinctive Loggia colour palette of classic white, pure cream, urban grey and landmark green to complement or contrast with your existing colour scheme.

3The addition of a cornice is a stunning option that can really add individual style to your new Loggia. The elaborate detailing adds height and presence and produces a spectacular impression of design finesse and inherent warmth.

4There are a number of wall and glazing options. Enjoy a choice of French or bi-folding doors, full height glazing or window frames which sit on a dwarf wall. Factor in window design fl exibility including frame options in casement style or vertical sliders, double or triple glazed.

5Additional detailing is available at the base of the full height Loggia columns, with a range of options to personalise your new living space and to harmonise with pathways and landscaping.

6Choose from a simple elegant cladding infill or select the fluted infill for additional embellishment and more refined finish.

Loggia Investment

Recent surveys reveal that conservatories and extensions are some of the most rewarding home investments you can make, based on the percentage return on your investment.

But where Loggia scores even more highly, is in the fact that it offers so much more than a standard conservatory or orangery.

Right from Day One, it will possess the strength and solidity of an extension, adding a stylish new room to your home.

A Loggia also offers vastly improved comfort levels and total compatibility with any home.

And even if you have an existing conservatory, it is possible to convert it to a more aesthetically pleasing Loggia – simply talk to South Lakes Windows Ltd who will be pleased to advise you.

With Loggia, achieving thermal efficiency is effortless too. Unlike a conservatory you’ll find it warm and cosy in the winter and reassuringly cool in the summer, so you’ll be able to use it all year round, just like an extension.

It can use less than half the heat energy of a similar sized conservatory and through prudent specification choices, little more energy than an extension that is fully Building Regulation compliant.

Just two customised corner heating panels are all it takes to heat a 4000mm x 4000m Loggia, making them more cost efficient than underfloor heating, with instantaneous heat available via the wireless controller.

Ultraframe specialises in creating safe, durable structures, and our products are not just tried and tested, but trusted to cope with the UK climate.

Because of its unique high-strength structure bolstered with a solid steel frame – if the location or design calls for it – which extends right to its foundations for enhanced rigidity and precision, meaning it can withstand the worst weather in the UK year after year.

What’s more, Loggia also reduces the ‘racking’ effect of wind, being four times stiffer than a standard conservatory. As the system designer and manufacturer of Loggia, we operate through an extensive Ultraframe retailer network, all of whom are highly skilled in understanding your requirements, advising on Loggia compatibility and making building recommendations. And for complete peace of mind, many will also be able to offer you a built-in 10 year guarantee.

To discover how we could enhance your quality of life and the value of your home for years to come, talk to South Lakes Windows Ltd today.

Loggia Corner Heating System

Loggia Corner Heaters
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Loggia Ceiling

As the UK market leader in conservatory roofing, Ultraframe have designed a unique ‘double roof system’ which offers substantial inner strength and lasting performance.

By combining the Ultraframe Classic glazed roof with a specially devised perimeter ceiling, your Loggia will feature one of the most advanced systems on the market today:
• They have successfully designed a plastered ceiling to run all the way round the perimeter of the Loggia, by attaching an engineered steelwork ladder system to the Ultraframe Classic roof. Plasterboard is then screw-fixed to the steelwork ladder and plaster-skimmed to give a highly professional finish.

• The ceiling has an ingenious cloaking screen which improves the thermal performance of the roof and ensures that the reverse side of the ceiling isn’t visible through the glass roof from above.

• With Loggia, everything fits beautifully into place. The internal ceiling is the perfect place to house spotlights and downlighters. Cables for speakers, telephones, broadband and any other necessary wiring can also be easily distributed around the Loggia.

• Loggia is manufactured to the most stringent tolerances and precision engineered in the Ultraframe factory, so nothing is left to chance on site.

Loggia Internal Ceiling Design

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Loggia Ranges

Create a space as individual as you are. Whether your home is modern or traditional, selecting from the Loggia range will enhance your property and complement it perfectly.

Loggia Prestige Range

Loggia Premium Range

Loggia Ultimate Range

Loggia small insulated column Y Y Y
Loggia large insulated column N Y Y
Loggia column plinths N Y Y
LivinLight Y Y Y
Prestige Insulating Pelmet Y N N
Livinroom Perimeter Pelmet N Y Y
Radient Panel Heaters N OPTIONAL OPTIONAL
Polycarbonate roof Y N N
Glass Roof Y Y Y
realROOF N N Y
Prestige Cornice Y N N
Classic Cornice Y Y Y
Standard 4 Loggia Colours Y Y Y
Bespoke Colours N Y Y

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