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Timber Options

All Bereco timber products can be supplied in Redwood (Softwood), Hardwood or Oak. Only certified timber from well managed sources, will full FSC® 100% accreditation is used. Defects that occur naturally in timber are removed which allows us to manufacture a finished product that has all the benefits of timber but none of the disadvantages. Bereco supply timber products with the option of clear or finger jointed timber both have the same benefits and warranties.


Engineered Timber

Engineered timber products are essentially constructed from multi-layered, cross laminated sections of timber, resulting in high specification knot free products. which are strong, durable and give dimensional stability, longevity and high performance.

Finger Jointed Timber

Timber is cut into short sections; defects are removed and then re-joined. Finger jointed timber is used on Redwood products with a painted finish. This is a cost effective option and joints in the timber cannot be seen through the paint.

Clear Timber

Clear timber is used on all Hardwood products and on Redwood products with a stained finish. Clear faced timber ensures no grain change is visible through finger joints.

Redwood – Density > 525kg/m3

Products are manufactured using defect free, laminated Scandinavian Pine with either a clear or finger jointed surface. Redwood timber is supplied clear with a stain finish or Finger jointed where a painted finish is specified. Softwood products have a smooth finish as the timber grain is less visible than Hardwood.

Hardwood – Density > 465kg/m3

Products are manufactured using defect free, laminated Dark Red Meranti with a clear surface. Due to the open pore structure of hardwood products have a pitted effect due to timber grain which is visible through the coating. Hardwood is available with the choice of a stained or painted finish. A Stained finish will appear slightly darker on hardwood than Redwood.

Choice of Surface Finish

Having taken care of the Timber type, the next step is to protect the external surface. It make sense to provide a thorough surface protection before the windows are delivered, this saves time on site where conditions may not be ideal for painting or staining windows.

While the cost of ordering factory pre-finished products may be slighty higher, there is no doubt that window finishing is best applied under factory controlled conditions.

Paint Finish

Any RAL or British Standard colour is available at no extra cost.

Paint Finish Colours

Dual Colour & High Gloss finishes.

Bereco are one of the few companies in the UK to offer dual colour windows and doors. Different paints or stains can be specified for internal or external sides giving flexibility in meeting building aesthetics as well as inside decor.

The standard level of gloss with all Bereco Products is 30-40%. A high gloss finish (55%) is available on request.

Bereco Timber Stain Options

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Exclusive heritage paint colours.

Perfect for complementing period window designs, colours are particularly suited to properties with a stone facade.

  • 1. Parchment
  • 2. Parlour
  • 3. London Dust
  • 4. Linen
  • 5. French Green

Dual Colour & High Gloss finishes.

Bereco are one of the few companies in the UK to offer dual colour windows and doors. Different paints or stains can be specified for internal or external sides giving flexibility in meeting building aesthetics as well as inside decor.

The standard level of gloss with all Bereco Products is 30-40%. A high gloss finish (55%) is available on request.

4 Stage Treatment

To achieve our fully factory finished products, Bereco undertake a four stage treatment process in the application of paint / stain. This improves the overall appearance of our products, ensuring our high specification benchmark is adhered to, that sheen and translucency are maintained and the overall durability of our product is improved.

The four stage process:

1 – Fungal preservation treatment. 2 – Coloured Sealer. 3 – Coloured Paint / Stain. 4 – A second coat of paint / stain.

Dual Colour Finish


There are a number of factors that separate high performance windows from others available in the market. Materials used, weatherseals, correct manufacture and installation all have an impact however; it is mainly the glass specification that dictates how well a window insulates.

Softcoat low-E Argon filled double glazing units are supplied as standard. Triple glazing and Krypton filled units are available to further increase thermal efficiency. Bereco products are available with a centre pane Ug value as low as 0.5w/m2k.

Bereco timber windows and doors can be supplied with a variety of glazing options to suit individual project specifications. We offer double and triple glazing, 4mm single & 14mm slimline double glazing with a vast range of obscure glazing patterns with varying privacy levels. In addition to this leaded designs and specialist glazing such as painted, bevelled, anti-sun and self-cleaning are also available.

What performance specification do you choose?

Core Thermal Performance (centre pane u value ug 1.0w/m2k)
Softcoat low ‘e’ argon filled 24mm double glazing available in the following configurations: 4/16/4 (Std Float) 4/14/6.5 (Security) 6.5/14/4 (Safety) 6.5/12/6.5 (Safety & Security) 6.5mm = laminated glazing for BS6262, part N of UK building regulations.

B Rated
Superior Thermal Performance (centre pane u value ug 0.9w/m2k)
Softcoat, low ‘e’ krypton filled, 24mm double glazing with warm edge spacer technology. Warm edge spacers are available in : white, brown, grey, black

A Rated
The Bereco A rated window uses the added feature of Diamant® glass; extra clear low iron glass for optimum clarity and solar protection.

What is a U Value?
U – Values indicate the efficiency of insulation. The lower the U-value, the better the energy saving.
All Bereco products are designed with 24mm doublke glazed soft coated glazing units. Low E argon filled float glass is quoted for as standard unless otherwise specified.

Do you require specialist glass?

Individualising your glass as part of a design concept or to create added aesthetics, we can accomodate variations which include the following:

Painted Glass
A modern alternative to obscure glazing with a totally opaque finish, in any RAL colour you choose.

Triple Glazing
Bereco are one of the only few companies to offer triple glazing on Tilt & Turn and Sliding Sash windows. Using softcoat low ‘e’ argon filled units with a centre pane U Value of 0.7w/m2k

Unit Spacers
From steel to warm edge technology, our unit spacers offer the best insulation available. In steel silver finish, warm edge white, brown grey or black, they can be co-ordinated with your choice of paint or stain finish.

Stained Glass
Stained Glass is used to enhance a design traditionally when combined with bespoke lead work. Traditional colours and designs with bespoke options available on request.

Leaded Glazing

Lead designs transform glazing into a work of art incorporated into a properties exterior. With countless configurations of design options available we can replicate traditional or create completely bespoke lead patterns to suit your project

Bevelled Glass
Bevels in glass act as prisms in the sunlight creating an interesting colour deffraction, which both highlights the glasswork and provides a spectrum of colours which would normally be absent in clear float glass.

Anti Sun Glass
A glass with an attractive coloured appearance for reduced light transmittance combined with solar control properties.

Self Cleaning Glass
Helps keep your windows cleaner for longer saving time and money.

Obscure Glass Options

Obscure Glass
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Leaded Glass

Leaded Glazing

Ironmongery Choices

Our Ironmongery Collection has been designed to meet the needs of modern new builds and period replacments which often involve multiple product types where the ironmongery needs to match.

A full range of suited ironmogery offering matching colour and finish across our product types has been specifically launched to complement our designs.

As standard all handles are integrated with locking systems which engage shoot bolts for highest security.

In addition a selection of ironmongery options have been commissioned to add character to the window, or simply to add additional aesthetics or functions. These include:

  • Peg stays and dummy butt hinges are fitted to our traditional casement windows
  • D handles or ring pull options on our sliding sash windows
  • Locking monkey tail handles
  • Escutheon Plates on Traditional Entrance doors to replicate the mortice type lock
  • Door Chains, knockers and eye viewers on any entrance door
  • Cast Iron Ironmongery

Ironmongery Example Gallery (Click to enlarge)

Antique Black Furniture

Antique Black

Pewter Furniture


Brass Furniture



Polished Chrome

Satin Chrome Furniture

Satin Chrome (+ Duo)

Satin Stainless Steel Furniture

Satin Stainless Steel

Optional Timber Extras

Bereco’s range of optional timber extras offer the ability to design windows and doors to suit both your project and personality.


Arched Packers

Where infills are required to an arched lintel, arched packers are used as an alternative to a curved head frame. They can be specific widths and radii and can be supplied loose or fitted.


Packers to head & Jamb

To give additional clearance when fitting into the reveal or to ensure equal sightlines around the window or door.



Ideal for dormer situations or where tile hanging on external facade facilities the need for a box frame around the window.


Curved Plates

To give the appearance of curved glass within doors and windows.


Cill Horns

To retain a traditional external appearance.


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