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Bereco Contemporary Range Product Features

Modern properties with modern aesthetics…

For a modern look combined with the highest security and weather performance available, the Bereco Contemporary Range is designed specifically for the 21st Century Home.

Whether undertaking a new build, extension or modern conversion, the Bereco Contemporary Range timber windows and doors have the ability to enhance your homes feel and appearance, creating modern spaces with products designed to maximise natural light and offer practical energy saving solutions.

Bereco Contemporary Range Timber Windows & Doors

Contemporary Range Example

Internally Glazed wooden windows & wooden doors

All Contemporary Range products come internally glazed as standard. This offers enhanced security as glazing can only be removed from the inside.

The external appearance of the wooden framed window is also greatly improved without the need for prominent drained and vented beads detracting from the windows’ beauty. Being internally glazed means our products achieve PAS 23/24 and BS7950 certification comfortably.

Pre-formed Bay Unit 9mm Antique Lead

Pre-formed Bay Unit 9mm Antique Lead
White RAL 9016

Curved Plate 9mm Antique Lead

Curved Plate 9mm Antique Lead


Pencil Round Mouldings

Internal & External Pencil Round Mouldings

To create the clean sleek lines typical of the Contemporary Range internal glazing bead and external mouldings are pencil round.

Glazing Bars


Contemporary Glazing Bars
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Bespoke bar arrangements can be supplied to complement any window design without overpowering the windows original aesthetics. The beauty of timber is its versatility, lending itself to the most unique curved and arched bar designs, transforming the whole appearance of a facade. Bereco supply stick on bars with back to back unit spacers creating the illusion of separate panes of glass. Bars as slim as 16mm allow for elegant profiles.

Bars are available in 16mm, 25mm & 35mm with the option of a 60mm solid bar.

16mm Stick on Bars

16mm-stick-on-barsStick on bars are situated on both sides of the double glazed unit and have a spacer bar inside. The glass is only one pane but aesthetically gives a multi-paned effect. Ideal for a georgian or cottage effect. The slim bar, which is fully mitred into sashes, also ensures a refined multi-pane look without overpowering the window.

60mm Solid Bars

Solid bars split sashes into two or more glazing units. Being wider, they are uncommon in large quantities on smaller windows. Ideal for horizontal divisions on large sashes.

Hidden Nailing System

bereco-hidden-nails-windowsWhy bother treating timber with preservative when the nailing of beads punctures through its protective envelope? Nails are exposed or filled but they provide an ideal conduit for water ingress and subsequent rot and decay. Using a hidden nailing system Bereco windows ensure the elements cannot penetrate the timber in this way. No nails are left exposed or have to be filled as they are situated behind the glazing seal leaving the surface of the bead completely untouched, extending the life of the window and reducing maintenance.

Bereco Contemporary Range Real Timber Door

Contemporary Range Example


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