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Terraced houses or glorious detached homes, the Bygone Collection is designed to harmonise with any building, retaining it’s charm and character.

The Bygone Collection provides you with a wide range of authentic styles, spanning three hundred years of sash window development from early Georgian, to late Victorian.

Our objective has always been to replicate the original look and style of period homes. Authentic looking windows with all of the benefits that the latest technology offers.

Even new build homes will instantly achieve the elegant look, charm and appeal that properties with sash windows are synonymous with.

Cheap Sash Windows – Don’t make the mistake!

Many cheap upvc replacement sash windows spoil the character, charm and feel of homes because they are not balanced. It’s hard to describe but cheap sash windows or inappropriate window styles simply destroy the aesthetics (and value) of properties.

Replacing the entire window, not cutting corners by leaving the old frames in situ, guarantees the character will remain in tact.

With The Bygone Collection from South Lakes Windows Ltd you can be assured that the glass panes will be equal in both sashes giving the same balanced appearance and elegant proportions as the original craftsmen desired.

Bygone Collection Product Range

You have the choice of five different Bygone Sash Window collections to consider for your home. Whilst each has the same attention to detail, build quality and exclusive Bygone locks and handles, they offer you an array of choice to ensure your new windows fit your home and budget!
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White Woodgrain Effect Sash Windows

Bygone sash windows are built to withstand punishing conditions. With installations in extreme weather locations such as The Lands End Hotel, Bygone sash windows have been designed to cope with driving rain, howling winds and to prevent water forcing its way into your home.

The Lands End Hotel - Bygone Collection Windows

The Lands End Hotel – Bygone Sash Windows/p>

Scrupulous attention to detail combined with a passion for creating the very best sash windows means that a Bygone sash window has many design advantages. Here are just a few explained…

White woodgrain effect

Wood grain effect

Authentic Appearance – White Painted Timber effect
Bygone offer an authentic grained effect which creates a stunning painted wood appearance with the low maintenance and longevity of PVC-u.

So convincing is this effect that one planner, building his own home, and standing only a few feet from the window, could not believe that he really was looking at a PVC-u product.

It has been hard to get close to the original white painted timber appearance of original sash windows with modern low maintenance materials. Until now that is!

Unique Design – Surface mounted, bonded Georgian bars

Bonded Georgian Bars

Georgian bars

The Georgian bars that create each pane are crucial to the authentic look of a sash window. Only one thing achieves that result – authentically shaped, securely fixed, surface mounted external glazing bars.

Bygone UPVC sash windows have external bonded bars as standard, which add a third dimension to your windows, protruding from the surface of the glass the way the muntin bars did on the originals creating depth, character and shadow lines.

The Bygone Collection uses a patented method of interlocking the Georgian bars together before clamping them to the glass with a Georgi ClipTM. Bygone sash window bars are guaranteed to stay firmly attached – even when they are used to open the windows!

Sash Window Torso Balance

Torso Balance

Unique Design – Torso Balances
Balances are an extremely important component of a sash window. They’re the engine, they provide extra assistance to make it easier to open and close heavy sashes.

TORSO balances are guaranteed to open and close for at least fifty thousand cycles, that is three times per day, every day for the next fifty years. That is why we fit them as standard.

Unique Design – Tilt Restrictors
Cleaning Bygone sash windows is safe and easy, these restrictors are fitted as standard. Unlike many other sash windows, the unique dual tilt restrictors on a Bygone window means each sash can be tilted back, at the perfect angle for easy and safe cleaning from the inside of your home.

On exceptionally large windows (too heavy for standard tilt restrictors) we include as standard safety stays. Small tilt restrictors designed to prevent the accidental unlocking of sash windows again another unique Bygone feature.

Why Are Our Sash Windows So Authentic?

Continuous Horn Detail

Continuous Horns

Authentic Appearance – Continuous Horns
The victorians introduced horns in the 1850’s to prevent the sash weights from damaging timber window frames as sash windows gained extra weight from the thicker and heavier plate glass.

With cheap upvc sash windows manufacturers are happy to just mimic this important original feature by sticking on “replica” horns. This is one of the many “artificial” details planners find most objectionable.

Not anymore. Bygone sash windows have integrated continuous horns, which are so essential to achieving a truly authentic sash window appearance.

Deep bottom rail

Deep bottom rail

Authentic Appearance – Deep Bottom Rail
Traditionally the bottom rail on the lower sash was far deeper than it’s side members, constructed from 4 or 5 inch timbers the lower rail carried most of the sash weight.

It’s far easier and cheaper for manufacturers to weld sashes without this feature. However this simplistic approach destroys the authentic appearance.

Bygone replacement PVCu sash windows are uniquely constructed with deep bottom rails to maintain this crucial detail, so important in maintaining the look and value of your home.

Unique Design – Traditional Bespoke Cam Catches

Bygone Collection Cam Catch

Cam Catch

Cam catches are a weak part on any sash window and were easily opened by unwelcome visitors. Unable to find strong cam catches, Bygone have specially developed solid locking catches, secured directly into steel reinforcing within the sash.

Uniquely, on larger windows (where two cams are needed), opposite handed cam catches are used. This unique feature prevents the frame being forced to one side to gain entry.

Bygone cam catches even have a nylon insert to prevent metal against metal wear to ensure that cams stay in perfect condition.

Limit Stops

Limit Stops

Unique Design – Simple, Effective, Limit Stops
Limit stops are devices that prevent a window being opened beyond 100mm initially, particularly important when you have young children to keep safe.

When Limit Stops are requested on a Bygone window we will always fit a pair. Fitting only one would cause the lower sash to twist out of square over time.

Sash Window Security

A sash window needs to pass BS7950 before it can be considered secure. The Bygone Collection was the first sash window (of any material) to pass this new British Standard for sash windows in 2006.

Two of the critical areas however are the cam catches and keeps…

Exclusively available to The Bygone Collection, the opposite handed cams (on larger windows) which centralise the sashes in the frame preventing them from being forced to one side of the window, weakens it and allows easier entry.

Solid Keeps are secured with four fixing screws. Two vertically and two horizontally into steel reinforcement to maximise ability to resist shear forces. The majority of keeps on other windows are just screwed to the PVC-U beading, which in testing has proven to take less than 15 seconds to break into!

Peace of mind security
Bygone sash windows give you the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that you, your home and your loved ones are safe, by using the high security features of Bygone sash windows

Wooden Sash Windows

All our wooden sash windows are manufactured in a state of the art factory and finished by craftsmen to British Standard 644.

Sustainable Engineered Timber

Unlike cheap timber sash windows Bygone Collection Wooden Sash Windows are manufactured from 100% FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) “Chain of Custody” European Redwood giving the consumer peace of mind with regards sustainability.

All of our timber profiles are made from high performance laminated timber to ensure strength and consistency as well as the long term durability that comes from a fully engineered product.

All joints are glued and pinned with corrugated fasteners.


Bygone Collection Wooden Sash Windows offer customers a superior range of windows which have significant environmental and durability advantages over traditional vacuum impregnated joinery products.

All timber is treated with water based Boron preservative and unlike vacuum impregnation is not classified as an environmental hazard as it is naturally occurring and does not bio-accumulate. This treatment provides a 35-year guarantee against rot and fungal attack assuming maintenance and care advice is followed.

Paint Finish & Durability

Due to our high environmental values, Bygone Collection Wooden Sash Windows are painted using factory applied high performance micro-porous water based coatings that are guaranteed for 10 years. We also offer stained coatings guaranteed for 5 years.

Wooden Sash Window Hardware

All Bygone timber sash windows will be fitted with the distinct and unique acorn window furniture available in the following colours:-

Chrome, Pewter & Antique Brass.

Our spring balanced window will be fitted with Torso Balances guaranteed for 10 years.


UPVC Sash Window Energy Efficiency

Sash Window EfficiencyBy opening both upper and lower sashes the cooler air coming through the window sinks to the floor and forces the lighter, warmer, moisture laden air up towards the ceiling and out through the upper sash opening.

Studies have concluded that the design of sash windows is more than 25% more effective than any other style of window in the same aperture.

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

We must all conserve the heat we produce, the energy used in doing so, and reverse the rise in CO2 emissions.

The Bygone Collection was the first window of any kind to obtain certification from the Energy Savings Trust.

Endorsed with the Energy Saving Trust certification.

Bygone Windows Sash Windows (C rated) are recommended because they are proven to reduce heat loss by 74%. The B rated option even higher! Helping reduce your heating bills.

According to the Energy Savings Trust 20% of the heat lost from an average home occurs through the windows.

British Fenestration Ratings Council rated

All Bygone C rated energy efficient sash windows have triple chambered sash profiles for superior thermal properties, low iron glass on the outside soft coat Low E glass inside. Combined with argon or krypton gas filled sealed units, energy loss is kept to a minimum.

You can now register your property as having Bygone Sash Windows fitted and then produce a “certificate of authenticity”

A Greener PVC-U

Lead has been needed as a stabiliser in previous UPVC extrusion – An undesirable situation.Rest assured your new Bygone sash windows will be virtually lead free as we now use calcium as an organic substitute.


Sash Window Styles

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