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Built around a belief that beauty doesn’t have to compromise performance, WarmCore aluminium folding sliding doors were created out of a desire to combine the desirability and durability of aluminium with unparallelled insulation. The orange thermal core – hidden away in the finished doors – is key to why WarmCore doors are 25% more thermally efficient than traditional aluminium systems.

built WITH A REVOLUTIONARY thermal core at its heart!

Strong and secure, WarmCore doors come with class leading security built in, backed by a comprehensive 10 year product guarantee, reinforced by the ERA Five Star security guarantee. Inwards or outwards
opening doors up to 6m wide, with as many as 7 opening sashes glide along custom designed tracks. While a wealth of colour, style and configuration options help you choose the perfect warm, secure and beautiful WarmCore door for your home.

Warmcore, the warmer choice that saves you money

The traditional weakness of aluminium doors has been the aluminium itself. While a beautifully strong and hard-wearing material, aluminium is a good conductor of energy. Meaning that the warmth from your
home finds an easy path outside, leaving you colder and with higher heating bills. Most aluminium folding sliding doors try to overcome this inherent weakness by replacing a section of aluminium with a small thermal break of less conductive material to lessen this heat loss.

WarmCore took a different approach, from inception this revolutionary folding sliding door was designed to be as thermally efficient as possible. Built around a full width thermal core – maximising the use of low conductive material – WarmCore is 25% more efficient at keeping heat in your home than traditional aluminium doors. Yet it doesn’t compromise strength as the outer faces of the profile are high grade aluminium, positioned to add the greatest structural rigidity.

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Superior Thermal Performance

At the heart of WarmCore products is a thermal core which significantly out-performs the polyamide thermal breaks commonly used to reduce the threat of cold bridging on aluminium windows and doors. The result is an innovative “warm aluminium” frame construction, carefully dimensioned to provide an optimised 70mm front-to-back overall sash frame depth while ensuring market-leading thermal performance thanks to the multi-chambered insulating core.

WarmCore has been designed from the ground up to offer market-leading thermal performance, and comfortably meets the requirements of Building Regulations – Part L. Traditional aluminium doors struggle to meet current legislation, forcing you to choose aluminium aesthetics and finish over thermal performance. WarmCore gives you both, with its innovative full width thermal core.

This unique composite construction creates the most thermally efficient folding sliding door in its class. This design philosophy has produced a folding sliding door that has exceptional thermal performance, helping keep fuel bills lower and heat in your home, while retaining the sleek and architectural look of aluminium.

Thermally efficient aluminium doors

Warm, wide span doors for modern living

Weather Resistance

  • Folding sliding door leaves are triple-sealed with contact weatherstrip gaskets to eradicate draughts and ensure excellent weathertightness
  • Best-in-class weathertightness for all-year-round user comfort
  • Gasket corner mouldings for sash-to-frame and sash-to-sash applications use a push-fit design to neatly and positively couple with straight-cut gasket lengths for easy application, whilst avoiding any need to overrun gaskets to fill gaps between sashes

Elegant Hi-Tech

Precision-manufactured with a high quality surface finish and affording slim sightlines when installed, aluminium has become the material of choice for premium folding sliding door applications. WarmCore doors utilise a composite of materials to ensure an end product that is energy efficienct and recyclable combined with the premium quality, structural integrity and architectural design elegance of aluminium to create a product perfect for both residential and commercial building applications.

From the rollers to the handles to the corner assemblies, WarmCore displays an elegance of design that translates into a high performance installed product that looks outstanding.

Warmcore Hi-Tech Bifold Door Technology

Innovative design

With features such as our inbuilt glass adjustment device, WarmCore doors are designed to operate smoothly and have a high degree of adjustment built-in.

Warmcore Hi-Tech Bifold Door Technology

Neat stacking

Meticulous design and discreet magnets ensure open door sashes run in parallel and stop door sashes ‘clattering’ when in the open position.

Warmcore Hi-Tech Bifold Door Technology

Precision components

From the sturdy quad-wheeled rollers, to the multiple weather-seals, every element of your door is precisely manufactured and installed to exacting standards.

Hi Strength Construction

Built for unparallelled Security

From the unique 5 point lock, designed to run the full length of the door sash, to the high strength hinges and rollers; each element of the WarmCore door combines to ensure optimum security.

WarmCore’s aluminium construction, custom-made roller assemblies – sitting deep within the top and bottom tracks – and extruded aluminium hinges make them inherently strong and secure. Added security features such as integral dog bolts bind the door sashes together when closed, protecting against forced entry.

A custom designed door lock, available on no other door system, uses a 5 point locking system with 3 opposed hook locks and twin shoot bolts – that engage fully into the aluminium top and bottom tracks – helping keep you and your family safe and secure. For added peace of mind choose the optional laminate glass upgrade.

Every WarmCore door is independently certified to PAS24:2012, the benchmark in enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK.

Warmcore Bi-Fold Doors Security
Warmcore Bi-Fold Doors Security

Custom-made roller assemblies

Warmcore Bi-Fold Doors Security

Extruded aluminium hinges

Warmcore Bi-Fold Doors Security

Twin shoot bolts

External Styling

Whatever the style of your home, WarmCore folding sliding doors have the options that enable you to create the door that matches your needs.

External sash styling
A choice of 4 external aluminium door sash designs, ranging from a contemporary pencil round to a decorative sculptured look, enables you to personalise your door or echo the style of your existing windows.

Warmcore External Styling
1. Pencil Round 2. Chamfered 3. Square 4. Decorative

Flexible Threshold Options

Sill options include a WarmCore standard threshold with integral sill, or standard threshold with an additional 150mm thermally-broken aluminium sill.

The Part M compliant low threshold design is thermally-broken aluminium and optional ramps and cover trims can be used internally, externally or both, depending on requirements.

Part M compliant low threshold can also be installed without any ramps, so that flooring can be laid up to the edges of the threshold or the threshold can be neatly set into the floor to create a flush floor level through the doorway.

Warmcore Threshold Styling
Aluminium Low Threshold
150mm Sill
120mm Integrated Sill
Outer Frame

Colour Range

Choose a different colour inside and out – at no extra cost!

Available in a choice of 4 powder coated colours, WarmCore allows you to pick a different colour for each side of your door – at no extra cost.

From contemporary Anthracite Grey to Heritage Cream, your choice helps define the personality of your door and helps match the architectural style of your home. Want grey outside with white inside to leave you free to change your interior in the future? – with WarmCore that’s no problem.

Colour – your choice inside and out

Graceful Handles

WarmCore door handles gracefully curve around door sashes when open, tucking into the glass reveal and allowing the door sashes to fold perfectly flat.

… In 3 finishes

Available in 3 hard-wearing finishes, anodised Matt Black and Satin Silver or Brushed Graphite, choose the perfect match to complement your door.

…built to last

Made to the same exacting standards as the rest of the WarmCore door, the anodised finishes are ideal for use in coastal or exposed locations.

Colour options
Handle options

Door Configurations

WarmCore doors are described as a set of 3 numbers – the 1st is the total number of door sashes, the 2nd refers to the number of door sashes that open left and the 3rd the number that open right (when viewed from the outside).

321 style shown from above

MAX WIDTH: 6000mm

Practical For Everyday Use

The innovative design of WarmCore folding sliding doors enables you to split the door sashes in whichever way suits your home. You can have all the sashes fold to the right or left, or have them split in any combination you choose.

A popular configuration is to have a single door at one end, called a traffic door.

This allows you to leave the majority of the door sashes locked in place, using a single door for everyday use.

In addition certain door configurations offer even more practicality, as the door sashes that meet in the middle, or at one end, can be used as a set of French doors – when you don’t need, or want, the doors fully open.

This flexibility enables you to use your WarmCore folding sliding doors in a way that suits you, rather than being forced to fully open them every time. Leave that until you’re entertaining or when the day is so good it deserves to be let in.

WARMCORE – when you’re not ready to shut out a wonderful day


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