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The Suffolk Collection is a range of 23 versatile PVC-u door styles, thoughtfully designed to emulate the aesthetic character of timber doors but with the added security benefits and low maintenance qualities that modern day living demands.

You can choose from a range of 10 standard woodgrain effect finishes or alternatively Suffolk Doors can be Kolorbonded to any RAL colour of your choice.

UPVC Suffolk Door

Suffolk Door Security Features

Ultimate security for Suffolk Doors is provided by their own unique multipoint lock system.

Each door is fitted with a robust 12/14 point lock (dependent on door height) that includes a series of roller cams, hook locks, dead locks, shoot bolts and centre latch.

To prevent cylinder manipulation, a 3 star high security cylinder is fitted, in keeping with British Standard requirements.

For your convenience, all doors are supplied with 5 keys as standard.

Equally, the hinge side of all Suffolk Doors are secured with 3 high security hinges complete with anti-jemmy claws.

Suffolk Doors High Security Hinges

Security Features

The Suffolk Door Collection comes with many security features to give you peace of mind.

Suffolk Doors Security Features

Traditional Finger Pull

To further enhance the period look and function you may wish to choose our traditional finger pull option. Available in Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, Brushed Stainless and Black these are ideal used in conjunction with our Varia townhouse door lock.

Suffolk Doors Furniture

Suffolk Doors elegant door handles are available in White, Black, Chrome, Brass or Antique Black, all with letter plates to suit. Your selection will often be influenced by your chosen door style and the colour/finish of your door.


Traditional Detailing

Antique black handles and letter boxes are perfect for more traditional style doors in the Suffolk Collection.


Great design is all about the detail. Our specialist range of door knockers, pull knobs and spy holes will provide the finishing touches and all important kerb appeal.

The range is available in both chrome or brass finish and will enhance and complement your door design and colour.

Traditional Detail

Suffolk Doors Featured Midrail

Optional 175mm Featured Midrail

Suffolk Collection entrance doors are engineered with a slimline midrail as standard in order to achieve equal sight lines and proportions across the range of styles.

However, a number of styles in the collection have been designed to closely emulate traditional timber doors and are therefore best suited to include the new 175mm Featured Midrail option. Deeper in proportion, this option is more in keeping with the appearance of typical timber door designs.

Featured Midrail

The combination here of Irish Oak finish and 175mm Midrail makes it difficult to distinguish from it’s timber equivalent.

Irish Oak Midrail

The deeper midrail also provides a different dynamic on more contemporary designs.

Contemporary Black Midrail

Suffolk Doors Colour Options

Choose from ten woodgrain coloured foils…

There are a total of 10 woodgrain coloured foils to choose from. Each designed to provide a realistic painted or natural woodgrain finish but offering the minimal maintenance qualities associated with modern PVC-u products.

Suffolk Doors Colour Options

Options available with a realistic coloured woodgrain foil on the outside face and a bright smooth white finish on the internal face

UPVC Doors - South Lakes Windows Ltd

Options available with smooth white internal or foiled both sides

Woodgrain foil effect
Bevelled Foil - South Lakes Windows Ltd

NEW! Heritage Collection Colours…

Doors can also be specified with the new Heritage Collection colours. Please contact us for more details on Heritage colours.

Heritage Collection UPVC Door Colours

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Kolorbond is a specialist PVCu 3 coat application that is tough, durable and guaranteed against all weather conditions.

…or select a colour of your choice

If the colour you would like for your new door is not within our range of woodgrain foils then choose your desired Kolorbond colour and this will be applied to either smooth PVC-u or White Woodgrain foil depending on your preferred finish.

You can choose to have the colour applied to the inside and outside of the door or outside only leaving a fresh white internal finish.

Suffolk Doors Glazing Options

Often entrance door design is dictated by the need for extra light, or the desire to retain the original period design.

Our door range not only gives you a terrific choice of colours and designs but the flexibility of our glazing options allow you to either ‘go create’ a new look or stay classic and authentic.

Glazing Options - Suffolk Doors

The options are simply vast and include plain glass, obscured, coloured, etched glass, leaded and bevelled designs. All of these include a multitude of variations so you are sure to find something to suit the style of your door and property.

South Lakes Windows - Suffolk Doors PVCu
Aluminium Backing Strip

Style and Durability

Our authentic Georgian grille design will instantly create the period look.

Because the bars are fixed to full length aluminium backing strips, there is no risk of the bars warping or bending..

Style & Durability - Suffolk Doors

Decorative Glazing

Coloured and bevelled glass designs can offer a traditional appearance, whilst more simplistic etched glass designs give a contemporary look.

The dimensions of these glass patterns can be adapted to suit the style of your chosen door with half, dual, and full height glazed panels.

You may wish to personalise your home further by having your house number etched or bevelled within the design.

Decorative Glazing Styles

Suffolk Door Styles

Suffolk Doors are available in an exciting range of styles to suit every homeowner!

Contact South Lakes Windows NOW for more information and advice on the stunning uPVC Suffolk Door range.

UPVC Suffolk Door Styles

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Suffolk Door Example Gallery

Alternative Ultimate Collection UPVC Doors

The Ultimate Collection logo - South Lakes Windows Ltd

Tricept French Doors

Increased Natural Light

With a wide variety of styles and colour options a French door installed by South Lakes Windows Ltd provide your home with a continental feel. They can be used to offer easy access to your garden or as an elegant partition leading into your conservatory or extension.

When you have an opening that is too wide for a conventional entrance door but too narrow for sliding patio doors then pvc-u French doors may be the answer.

Tricept UPVC French Doors are designed to allow more natural light through, often with glass extending from top to bottom. This will give your room a much brighter and more spacious feel.

Increased French Door Security

All Tricept U-PVC French doors are fitted with matching handles to both doors and include the same Saracen multi point locks as fitted to single doors with additional shoot bolts to the slave door. Tricept doors feature a total of 15 locking points!

This user friendly operation provides increased strength, stability and security to both doors.

For French Doors in Lancashire, Cumbria & North Yorkshire contact us now!

French Doors from Tricept - Installed by South Lakes Windows Ltd

Tricept UPVC French Doors Gallery

Tricept Sliding Patio Doors

Room with a view

Sliding Patio Doors installed by South Lakes Windows Ltd offer you a full natural light and a pleasant “room with a view” feel.

They are ideal for rooms restricted in size or space due to the upvc doors sliding horizontally.

For this reason they are commonly used as a partition between a house and a conservatory as well as the more traditional use providing access to a garden or patio area.

Superb UPVC patio door performance

The Tricept slimline patio door slides smoothly on stainless steel rollers. Aluminium inter-lockers with additional woodpile provide advanced weather protection, whilst optional trickle vents are available particularly in areas where further ventilation is required.

Patio Doors Security All Round

You can feel comfortable and secure with the many security features of Tricept patio doors which include 4 opposing hook locks, anti-lift device, strengthened aluminium inter-lock section and internal / external locking facility.

Tricept PVCU Sliding Patio Doors Gallery

Tricept Sliding Patio Doors From South Lakes Windows Ltd

For Sliding Patio Doors in Lancashire, Cumbria & North Yorkshire
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Tricept Bi Fold Doors

A Modern Alternative

Tricept state of the art Bi-folding doors will instantly give a new dimension to any room.

Now your home really can connect with your garden given that these superb doors fold almost flat to provide the full width of the opening, up to 5.6 metres wide! (Bi fold door prices are obviously dependant on the configuration.)

Brighten up any room with Bi Fold Doors

UPVC Bi Folding Doors Configuration

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Even in closed position the fully glazed bi-folding door will offer a far brighter room with increased natural light.

Often described as somewhat contemporary they are available in over 20 folding combinations and can feature up to 7 folding panes.

Tricept UPVC Bi Fold Doors

Tricept PVCU Bi Fold Doors Gallery


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