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Below is a selection from our stunning range of UPVC door infill panels manufactured by Hurst Plastics Ltd. Please contact us for more information and door panel prices or to see more from these exciting ranges. Don’t accept cheap immitations! These UPVC door panels are of the finest quality and craftmanship.

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UPVC Infill Door Panels

Classic Collection

Classic Collection – UPVC Door Panels (PVCu)

The Classic Collection featuring Plain Glazed, Diamond Lead and Georgian Bar designs With understated simplicity, this collection has been designed using influences taken from fashionable eras of the past. Although they are all now recognised as design classics, they look good as an entrance to a cottage or a contemporary home.

This collection offers the homeowner a choice of panels that reflect fashionable designs used for elegant doors for many years.Though simple in design, this range of doors still offers you the opportunity to bring individual style to your home.

Glazing Options For Most Doors…

UPVC Door Panel Styles

Glazing Style (click to enlarge)


Backing Glass (click to enlarge)

UPVC Door Panels in Lancashire, Cumbria & North Yorkshire

Heritage Collection

Heritage Collection – UPVC Door Panels (PVCu)

The Heritage Collection featuring Film and Lead, Resin and Opaque Sandblast designs. Our elegant Heritage collection has also been influenced by the classics but takes a step further with the addition of bolder styles and coloured designs.

Our elegant Heritage collection of upvc door panels also takes its influences from the classics but takes a step further with the addition of bolder styles and coloured designs.

UPVC Door Infill Panels in Lancashire, Cumbria & North Yorkshire.

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Heritage Collection UPVC Door Panels

Crystal Collection

Crystal Collection – UPVC Door Panels (PVCu)

The Crystal Collection featuring Exclusive Clear and Coloured Crystal designs. Our striking Crystal collection sparkle and shine in the sunlight and will transform your entrance hall with hundreds of exquisite prisms of light.

Not only does our Crystal collection exude brilliance, anyone of them will represent a real investment in style for

your home. Our striking Crystal collection sparkle and shine in the sunlight and will transform your entrance hall with hundreds of exquisite prisms of light. Not only does our Crystal collection exude brilliance, choosing one of our crystal designs will make a regal addition to any style of property and you will enjoy its enduring good looks for years to come.

Understated elegance in this Crystal panel design will bring a real touch of class to any home. A door that features one of our Crystal collection glass designs will dramatically reduce sound transmission and protect your internal decoration from the fading effects of UV light.

Crystal Collection Glazing Detail…

Exclusively Commissioned Engraved Crystals

Engraved Crystals (click to enlarge)

Glazing Detail

Glazing Detail (click to enlarge)


Fused Collection

Fused Collection – UPVC Door Panels (PVCu)

The Fused Collection featuring Unique Hand Made Art Glass designs. Using the same skills as the famous Venetian glass makers, our Fused collection is your opportunity to own a uniquely crafted, hand made, art glass door panel. Created by using hot, molten glass, the effect is a raised soft edge design that brings the door panel to life with its vivid, bold and contemporary style.

These hand crafted, art glass units are unique and exclusive to our collection and as no two fused glass designs can be quite the same,they give the homeowner a truly individual choice when it comes to a new door.

Please Note: By the very nature of its manufacture using molten glass, fused designs may contain minor imperfections, these are part of the fused creation process and contribute to the unique nature of its design.

Fused Collection Glazing Detail…

Fused Collection - Glass Designs

Fused Glass Design

Fused Collection - Glass Designs

Uniquely crafted art glass

Uniquely crafted art glass

No Two Designs the Same

Fused Collection UPVC Plastic Door Panels

Bevels Collection

Bevels Collection – UPVC Door Panels (PVCu)

The Bevels Collection featuring Deep Cut Bevel designs on clear and sandblast glass backgrounds. Choose from our luxury range of bevel panel designs set on finely detailed backgrounds that are produced by hand, using age-old sandblast glass techniques.

Fused Collection Glazing Detail…

Bevels on Clear.


Bevels on Clear

Handcrafted designs in the UK, these unique glass designs with their partnership of sparkling clear-cut bevels and subtly patterned clear glass offer a touch of real class for your home. Choose from a subtle but sparkling fleur de lys or add a touch of striking colour with the Astral Virgo.

Bevels on Opaque.


Bevels on Opaque

This luxury range of ornate sandblast and specially edge polished glass bevel designs are exclusive and only available from this collection. Specially seamed and cut bevels mounted onto an opaque background make a perfect combination. The fine ceramic backgrounds give a high level of privacy whilst allowing a great deal of beautifully patterned light into your home.

Bevels Collection UPVC Door Infill Panels

Antique Collection

Antique Collection – UPVC Door Panels (PVCu)

The Antique Collection New Innovative and 100% Exclusive. Beautifully recreating and echoing the elegance of a bygone era, our Antique glass collection is a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and timeless design. The quality of this exclusive collection of glazed door panels is quite simply stunning. If you choose to fit one in your home, the fine detail and craftsmanship will bring you compliments for years to come.

This bespoke suite of deeply carved, gracefully molded decorative designs will bring a touch of real luxury to your home. Our Antique collection are unique in their striking period style and will add character to any modern home but is one of the only few decorative panel design options that is truly in keeping with Victorian, Georgian, Tudor and other period style properties.

Timeless in their charm, our Antique collection also offers important practical benefits as each design is sealed between two panes of clear safety glass for easy cleaning and reducing unwanted external noise. Whilst a revolutionary new design process, Antique glass designs capture the charm of age old techniques and may contain uneven textures and minor imperfections that are all part of the character of the design.

Antique Collection Glazing Detail…

Laurel Leaf Detail - Antique Collection

Laurel Leaf Detail

Diamond Detail - Antique Collection

Diamond Detail

Victorian Floral - Antique Collection

Victorian Floral Detail

Antique Collection - UPVC Door Panels - South Lakes Windows Ltd

Platinum Collection

Platinum Collection – UPVC Door Panels (PVCu)

The Platinum Collection featuring exclusively commissioned Triple Glazed Designs.

This is the jewel in our crown, these are not cheap but real quality never is. Brilliantly cut, deep glass bevels set using traditional decorative lead work with every joint soldered and finished by hand. Framed with specially chosen finely engraved backgrounds then encased between two sheets of crystal clear glass, these stunning panels offer you the opportunity to make a unique statement of individual taste and style about your home.

The only way to explain how they would look fitted in your home is “stunning”. Our triple glazed Platinum collection is the ultimate in style but it’s also very practical, insulating your home against noise and the very worst of the weather.

These brilliant cut glass bevels shine with their quality and when they are set using traditional decorative leadwork in a satin platinum finish, they offer the most elegant way to welcome your visitors. Framed with specially chosen, finely patterned backgrounds, then encased between two sheets of crystal clear glass, every detail of craftsmanship in the bevels, leadwork and traditionally hand soldered joints can be clearly seen.

These stunning door panels offer the discerning homeowner a real opportunity to make a unique statement of their individual taste and style.

Platinum Collection Glazing Detail…

Platinum Collection - Cluster Detail

Cluster Detail

Platinum Collection - Fantasy Detail

Fantasy Detail

Platinum Collection - Legacy Detail

Legacy Detail

Platinum Collection - Pendant Detail

Pendant Detail

Platinum Collection - South Lakes Windows Ltd


UPVC Door Panel Construction

Our door panels are manufactured using a high technology technique that bonds two PVC-U skins to a variety of core materials and ensures the integrity of the panel for heat and moisture.

Depending on the degree of security required, our panels can be supplied using a choice of core material.

The Type A Expanded Polystyrene we use is classified under BS 476 and is totally recyclable, non toxic and inert. It contains no CFC’s or HFC’s and contains a fire retardant additive tested to BS 4725, formulated to restrict the extent of burn.

Solid MDF Door Panels

Solid MDF

Single MDF Door Panels

Single MDF

Double MDF Door Panels

Double MDF

Door Panel Colours

Most panels featured are available in a choice of colours and Oak, Mahogany or Rosewood wood grain finishes.

UPVC Door Panel Colour Finishes


Door Panel Furniture

A wide range of high quality door furniture is available in a choice of white, black, gold and chrome colour options.


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