Features and Security



Tricept is a brand of high quality, energy saving UPVC double glazed windows and exterior doors patented and manufactured to meet today’s demanding security standards.


South Lakes Windows Ltd understand that a family home, above all else should feel safe and secure and that’s why all our Tricept UPVC doors are fitted with 15 locking points as standard.


Priorities are changing. We live in an increasingly dangerous world. Today we have to concentrate more than ever on bringing security features into our UPVC doors.


South Lakes Windows Ltd are so confident that the Saracen lock hardware on our Tricept doors will not fail, that all installations are covered by a £1000 Guarantee against the unlikely event of a break-in! Please contact us for more details.


Within the context of security and peace of mind, it`s worth mentioning the pedigree behind Tricept upvc composite doors.


These are double glazing products you and your family can rely on absolutely.

The Tricept range of double glazing & exterior doors has been refined and designed to protect you and your home as effectively as possible.


The manufacturing technology behind these innovations has been in place for over 25 years. That`s clearly important in a business in which there are so many here-today, gone-tomorrow type of companies operating.




  • 4 x Roller Locking Cams
  • 3 x Hook Locks
  • 3 x High Security Anti-jemmy Hinges
  • 1 x Bottom Shoot Bolt
  • 1 x Centre Locking Latch
  • 1 x Top Shoot Bolt
  • 2 x Dead Locks


The Tricept pvc door lock system includes top and bottom shoot-bolts, 3 outer/inner facing hook locks and a centre locking latch. In addition 4 roller cams (6 on over height doors) add to the door security whilst ensuring maximum weather seal and aiding energy efficiency.



To ensure a smooth operation the lock has been engineered using ball-bearings to engage all 12 lock mechanisms. Simply by lifting the handle up the door is then locked in the fixed position. French doors will include shoot bolts to the slave door that once again lock by lifting the slave door handle..



In December 2007 The British Standards Institute revised entrance door lock testing to combat a number of weaknesses identified with standard key cylinders.



For your ultimate security every Tricept door is now fitted with a unique Magnum Superior cylinder, tested to British Standards against all known cylinder manipulation. Designed exclusively to fit both exterior entrance doors and french doors. Supplied with 5 keys as standard.




To complete the all round security all Tricept exterior upvc doors are fitted with 3 high security, profile related door hinges. Each door hinge is secured using 11 fixings and incorporates a unique anti-jemmy claw for your ultimate protection. The hinges sussessfully pass PAS 24/1, the industry security accreditation requirement


Secured on all 4 side, you can feel safe in the knowledge that Tricept doors come complete with a total of 15 security locking points.




The first thing to understand about The Tricept Collection is that its products are unlike any other windows, doors, porches and conservatories in terms of their basic construction technology.


Before The Tricept Collection, if you happened to live in a beautifully renovated country cottage, you’d probably have to accept the same window and door frame style as someone who lived in a stylish ultra-modern town house.


That’s because most ordinary frames are manufactured with square, straight edged profiles. They all tend to look very similar. So, too many homes have had to settle for ‘me too’ double glazed windows and doors that lack any real personality.


What The Tricept Collection has done is to take UPVC (PVCu), an innovative frame material, a material that can look and feel as warm and full of character as wood, and shape it into a range of unique, individual frame styles.


The Tricept Collection from South Lakes Windows Ltd offers you a whole range of sculptured and chamfered profiles, a complete spectrum capable of complementing, enhancing or transforming everyone’s dream home. (The Tricept collection is an advancement on The Ultimate Collection which came before.)



The Tricept collection from South Lakes Windows Ltd is UPVC (PVC-u) that is crafted to give all the warmth, character and flexibility of a natural wood frame.

But what is even more vital than the ways in which our UPVC doors are similar to wood, are the ways in which it can actually perform better than wood.

Wood rots and decays. It also splinters. It gets damp. It needs painting. It needs year-after-year care and maintenance. Gaps appear. Wooden door frames need replacing or repairing.

The Tricept Collection u-PVC won’t rot. Or fade or ever need painting. Or ever need care apart from a wipe with a damp cloth.

It will stay looking as good as the day it was installed.

On top of this there’s the actual glazing technology…

All our low emissivity (LOW ‘E’) sealed units, use glass complying with the new Document L of the building regulations.

This is part of a government initiative to cut heat loss from buildings, ensuring that your home heating system functions at maximum efficiency and therefore reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Helping the planet – Windows that save energy!

Our LOW ‘E’ double glazed units, with a full 20mm argon filled cavity between the panes are environmentally friendly, will cut your fuel bills down to size and significantly reduce external noise.


Tricept is engineered from 70mm profile (the industry maximum). The profile is chambered to maximise thermal performance and reduce heat loss through the frame.


Being the same depth as conventional timber frames, the 70mm profile is more likely to butt against existing plaster lines and result in a neater finish.


Hollow metal reinforcing is included as and when specified, to add rigidity and strength.


This new windows and doors frame technology results in far greater heat retention and continues to meet all the requirements achieved by conventional hollow metal frame reinforcing.




European standards state that Grade A UPVC must have an outside wall thickness of at least 2.8mm.


Tricept wall thickness is 3mm which offers superb UPVC door strength and rigidity that will last for years!


You should expect your new upvc doors to be completely draught proof and water tight.


New Tricept is produced with all weather compression gaskets, fused to both the inner and outer frame sections. The gaskets include a 9mm “flipper seal and backing cushion” to ensure ultimate weather resistance and sealed unit stability. The flipper seal remains inline with the profile for a neater appearance and because they are fused to the profile they can never shrink back thus avoiding any door leaks or irritating draughts in your home.


Integral Drainage


To enhance weather resistance further Tricept has a sophisticated “built in” sloping drainage system that directs any water penetration away and towards the external drainage route.


In order to avoid the breakdown of double glazed units it is essential that your double glazing unit remains in dry conditions at all times.


Tricept have designed a unique glazing packer (1) that is sprung in place for the glazed unit (2) to sit on and therefore create a bridge between the sealed unit and any water or dampness thus preventing steamy condensation forming inside your doors glazing.


Whilst all the profiles remain technically the same, Tricept offer you a choice of either a fully bevelled system or fully Ovolo depending on your preference.


Unique in design, the Ovolo “Royale” system features a sculptured style of frame offering you softer curved lines that complement every type of home be it terraced, semi-detached, detached, modern or period property.


The bevelled design is a fully chamfered style of frame designed to recreate the traditional putty lines of timber profiles. The sleek modern lines will suit any home particularly contemporary designs.


Clean Lines


Both glazing systems have been designed to be symmetrically correct in that all flat surfaces are similar in width which in essence offers a far slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing appearance to your new door.

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