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About Rockdoor Ltd – Composite Door Manufacturers

Rockdoor Ltd manufactures Composite Doors (including Front Doors and Back Doors), Stable Doors and French Doors to individual specifications, in a highly automated high tech production plant in Lancashire.

Established in 1996 Rockdoor has been instrumental in the development of composite doors, leading the way in style, innovation and security. To this date, they have produced almost half a million doors from their high-tech manufacturing facility in Lancashire.

Rockdoors are tailor-made from scratch for the ultimate in strength, with each door being manufactured to your exact requirements here in the UK.

Their vast collection of composite doors are thoughtfully designed to suit many different tastes and property styles. The range features many individual door styles, from the contemporary to the traditional, and includes the market leading Rockdoor Stable door and French doors.

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  • Rockdoor Composite Door - South Lakes Windows Ltd
  • Rockdoor Composite Door - South Lakes Windows Ltd


Rockdoor Ultimate Range

Rockdoor Ultimate looks superb on any style of property. Ultra-high security German engineered locks and a Carbon Fibre reinforced frame, makes the Ultimate Series the strongest composite door available.

Rockdoor Ultimate Range Composite Door Gallery

An Inner Strength

This illustration provides an interesting insight into what goes on under the surface of a Rockdoor. Innovation and engineering expertise in composite door
development, backed by attention to detail will go a long way to ensuring you and your family’s security. All expertly installed by South Lakes Windows Ltd experienced door fitters.

Rockdoors are designed to be as secure as possible. Multipoint locks, steel drill plates, cylinder protectors, outer & inner frame reinforcing and anti-bumping cylinders provide complete peace of mind.
Rockdoor is made with a unique engineered door system ‘made to measure’ for strength, not ‘cut to fit’ which weakens the door. It is designed with a bespoke reinforced inner & outerframe, specially designed to hold all the components including locks, deadbolts & hinges.
Rockdoor is the most thermally efficient door available with an entire Series available with an A-Rating for thermal performance. Press glazed technology, sash thickness, PU foam, PVC-U skins and thermally efficient soft coat glass are used to achieve an A-Rating.
Rockdoors are manufactured from high impact PVC-U to match windows. All coloured/wood doors are protected by Heat Shield technology meaning your door won’t crack, bend or warp.
PVC-U is low maintenance and only requires an occasional wipe down with warm soapy water. As a Rockdoor contains no wood, it’s impervious to water meaning it won’t swell.
German engineered hook locks exclusive to Rockdoor. Made from steel and brass for ultimate strength & security.
Toughened glass units filled with Argon Gas to provide the most thermally efficient door available.
An industry first, Rockdoors Carbon Fibre reinforced inner frame makes it the strongest door frame on the market.
Secured by Design Cylinder, anti-bump and antipick manufactured to British Standards 1303.
Zinc cylinder guard protector to stop lock barrels from being snapped.
Concealed & reinforced steel drill plates prevent locks from being drilled out by thieves.
The door skeleton is welded together and is impervious to moisture ensuring it won’t swell or rot.
The Ultimate Rockdoor Composite Door

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Brass hook locks engage into full length steel keeps to prevent forced entry.
Outerframe features a reinforced thermal block for strength and thermal efficiency.
Provides the strongest fixing points available when installing the door.
Multichambered, insulated outerframe for high levels of thermal performance.
No cassettes giving greater resistance to glass removal, perfect colour match and no air or water leakage.
Thick & tough 3mm skins both internally and externally resist cutting and impact.
Engineered 3 way adjustable hinges secured into the Carbon Fibre frame for extra strength.
Opens to 180° for convenient and safe day to day use, and comes with integral brush strip for thermal efficiency.
A unique and optional welded steel mesh security system can increase the strength of your Rockdoor by 4 times.

Security Options

Choose either 2 or 4 multipoint hook locks dependant upon your requirements. A 2 hook lock with centre deadbolt lock comes as standard.

2 Hook Locks

2 Hook Locks

4 Hook Locks

4 Hook Locks

Security Chain

Security Chain

Security Mesh

Security Mesh

Night Latch

Night Latch

Door Set Energy Ratings

Door Set Energy Ratings (DSER’s) were introduced on 1 September 2011 to the entrance door market, to provide a simple yet effective way of assessing the energy efficiency of residential external doors such as composite doors.

Rockdoor are the only composite door manufacturer to have an entire range of doors available with an A-Rating as standard. Your Rockdoor installed by South Lakes Windows Ltd will have an energy rating sticker attached to the door.

A-Ratings on composite doors are achieved using many innovative techniques, ensuring that heat loss is the lowest in the industry. The Rockdoor Ultimate Series features high performance low-emissivity soft coated glass which offers excellent thermal insulation when incorporated within a double glazed unit filled with argon gas and warm edge spacer bars.

Ultimate Series Doors

Featuring a 50mm thick door sash, argon filled double glazed unit, soft coat thermally efficient glass and a carbon fibre reinforced innerframe, Rockdoors Ultimate Series is available with an A-Rating (if chosen with clear backing glass) as standard -a first in the industry across a range – making it the most advanced thermally efficient and secure composite door available.

Energy Rating & Backing Glass

When choosing your Rockdoor Composite Door, we recommend choosing clear backing glass (the piece of glass on the double glazed unit behind the glass design) ensuring optimal thermal performance. This is because we can only use our Soft Coat thermally efficient glass on clear glass. When patterned backing glass is used, this reduces the energy rating as this style of obscure glass cannot use this technology.

However, even if your Door Set Energy Rating drops slightly, you can still feel confident that your Rockdoor will keep more heat in the house than other external composite doors on the market.



Rockdoor Furniture Options


Lever / Lever


Lever / Pad


Rose Handle


Wrought Iron


Bar Handle
Vermont & Vogue only


Escutcheon &

Victorian Center Knob

Victorian Center Knob



Urn Knocker

Urn Knocker

Urn Knockerwith spyhole

Urn Knocker
with spyhole



Furniture Colour Finishes

Polished Chrome

Polished Chrome

Satin Chrome

Satin Chrome

Polished Gold

Polished Gold

Midnight Black

Midnight Black

Rockdoor Glazing Options

Additional Glass Designs

We are pleased to offer the following glass options to help you match certain property types or existing window patterns.

Georgian Bar

Georgian Bar

Square Lead

9mm Square Lead

9mm Diamond Lead

9mm Diamond Lead

Georgian Bar Only available in Windsor, Jacobean, Kentucky, Portland & Stable View Light. Available in White, Light Oak & Woodgrain. Georgian Bar reduces the energy rating from an A to a B.

composite-door-surrounding-glassSurrounding Glass

If you are choosing glass for sideframes, fan lights or arches we recommend choosing Sandstone, Gluechip, Glacier, Woodland, Honeycomb or Misted Glass as these best suit our range of glass designs.


Obscure/Backing Glass

Choosing an obscure backing glass in replacement of clear glass will reduce the Door Energy Ratings – we recommend all designs featuring Gluechip glass are backed using clear glass to enable us to use Soft Coat glass. Alternatively if you would like a different backing glass, the following options are available.







Gluechip (bespoke random pattern extra cost)

Gluechip (bespoke
random pattern
extra cost)



Misted (Extra cost)

Misted (Extra cost)


Rockdoors are available in 12 different colours as shown. As Rockdoors are ‘made to order’, not ‘cut to size’, all colours shown are available inside & out.

Rockdoor Colour Range

Heat Shield

Heat Shield LogoDoors are prone to high levels of heat absorption which can often cause problems. Rockdoor however has the solution called Heat Shield technology which is standard on all Woodgrain & Coloured Rockdoors.

Heat Shield reflects all of the NIR rays of the sun helping to keep the doors surfaces cool.


Coloured Drip Bars


Choose a colour matched Drip Bar to perfectly complement the colour of your door.

We recommend a colour matched Drip Bar for all stable doors.

Composite Stable Doors

Stable Door Benefits

Rockdoor Composite Stable Door - Lancashire - Cumbria - Yorkshire

Rockdoor Stable Door

A upvc composite stable door installed by South Lakes Windows Ltd offers all the performance benefits you would expect of a Rockdoor, together with the functionality that only a Stable Door can provide.

The option to open the top door only, ensures that children and pets are kept safe and secure while still allowing fresh air into your home. It offers you the benefits of a window where only a door will fit!

Stable Door Security

Built to the same high performance specifications as Rockdoor composite doors, you’ll benefit from the same security, durability and and low maintenance when you choose a Rockdoor stable door.

By providing the functionality and benefits of a traditional stable door, with the advanced technology of modern UPVC, a Rockdoor stable door is perfect for your home, whether you live in a country cottage or a modern townhouse in the Lancashire or Cumbria areas.


South Lakes Windows Rockdoor Stable Doors

Advanced Stable Doors

Our Rockdoor stable doors are fitted with advanced hinges which are horizontally and vertically adjustable, so that your door opens and closes perfectly, every time. The custom central door seam has been designed to make your new stable door extremely thermally efficient. You won’t need to worry about drafts and leaks, so you’ll save money on your heating costs too.

Advanced Stable Door Hinge System

Composite French Doors

Open Your Home!

Rockdoor French Doors - South Lakes Windows Ltd

(click to enlarge)

French doors make an excellent addition to any home. They provide clear and welcoming access into garden areas, and their clean panels help to bring light into the house, even in the grey days of winter.

French Doors – High Security

French doors are often considered a vulnerable point in a property, with burglars needing little more than a spade to break through and into your home.

With this in mind, Rockdoor focussed hard on preventing unauthorised entry, and have developed what they believe to be the most secure French doors available.

Independent tests agree that Rockdoor french doors are secure, and have achieved PAS 23 and PAS 24 standards.

A carbon fibre reinforced inner frame gives solid fixings to all the locking components. One part of the door feature top and bottom bolts to securely fasten it to the outer frame, whilst the other has hooks to strongly fasten them together. Add the multiple hooks that join the two doors, and state-of-the-art hinges, and you’ve got a truly safe doorway.


French Doors Energy Efficiency

With heating costs rising yearly, it’s becoming more important than ever to pay attention to the energy efficiency of your home. With such large glass panels, French doors are clearly a cause for concern when it comes to energy savings.

That’s why Rockdoor used all of their resources to present you with French doors that truly live up to modern energy standards. The result is that Rockdoor uPVC-framed French doors achieve a Door Set energy rating of B. That’s better than a lot of solid front doors!

French Doors - Lancashire - Cumbria - Yorkshire

French Door Security Features

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