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About Bowater Doors – Composite Door Manufacturer

Bowater Doors offer a wide range of high performance composite doors expertly installed by South Lakes Windows Ltd. Bowater has been established in the UK for decades ensuring many years of experience go into everything they do. Their British-built door range is constantly evolving – ensuring that it remains one of the most secure and energy-efficient offerings in our range.

The Bowater DUO composite door has been designed with meticulous attention to detail and finished to the highest possible standard. Each door offers strength, security and style – in equal measure.

Sutton Coldfield manufacturing plant

Factory Interior

Why Choose a Composite Door from South Lakes Windows Ltd?

Composite doors offer the look and feel of a traditional timber door with a huge range of additional benefits.

Hassle Free Maintenance

Traditional timber doors may look great when they’re freshly painted or varnished, but to keep their good looks, they need refinishing every year on average. With a DUO composite door installed by South Lakes Windows Ltd, there’s none of that maintenance hassle! These composite doors look just as good (some would argue better!) and there’s no need to ever have the hassle of regular maintenance.

Fully Weather Proof

When you choose a Bowater DUO Composite door, you can be confident it’s weatherproof. It won’t swell in winter and shrink in summer like timber doors often do, it’s also not going to warp, twist or split. Because all Bowater Doors come fully framed with triple seals, you’ve also got no worries about nasty draughts.

Super Energy Efficient

You’d be amazed how much energy is lost through a badly fitted door. That’s why every Bowater DUO Composite Door has a super-efficient insulating inner core and comes with a thermally efficient threshold.

Totally Security & Peace of Mind

As well as keeping out the elements and street and traffic noise, all products in the Bowater Composite Door Range are designed to keep out intruders. Highly robust and highly efficient, they are equipped with Saracen Secure Hardware, including a tried and trusted mortise lock linked to a superior hook bolt system. Contact South Lakes Windows NOW to discuss your Bowater DUO composite door requirements.

Adore Your Door

Our British-built composite doors are available in an extensive range of colours, styles and woodgrain effects with a wide variety of glazing options, so… get ready to adore your door!

The Benefits of a Composite Door

• Low maintenance
• More energy-efficient – proven by energy rating labels
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Highly resistant to weathering
• Solid and robust – able to withstand any knocks and bumps
• More secure than a traditional timber door


Adore Your Door!

DUO Doors – Flawless Performance

Not all composite doors are the same. You need to know that you’re choosing one to last: one that offers the ultimate in security and energy efficiency.

The performance of each Bowater DUO door is fully guaranteed for ten years, but every one has been designed to look good and perform flawlessly for much longer, giving you decades of low-maintenance service.

Your front door is the first thing to greet any visitor and a well-selected door can not only improve the look of your home and increase its security and energy efficiency, it can also raise the value of your property.

Composite Door Structure

DUO Door Range – Benefits

• ‘A’-rated as standard: for outstanding thermal performance
• Door leaf and frame manufactured in Britain
• 54% thicker than a standard composite door
• Galvanised steel reinforcement
• Improved thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to double compression seals
• Triple glazing available: for better heat retention and noise reduction
• Doors come fully framed and glazed, with hardware
• Available in a choice of rich colours and woodgrains – woodgrain is available on both sides
• Woodgrain doors available with matching woodgrain frames

A Rated Energy Saving Windows

DUO Doors – A Warm Home

Every DUO door is double rebated as standard, to help you keep the heat inside where it belongs. Not only does this help the environment, it saves money on your heating bills too. Double rebates make the weather seal more resistant to the elements and more effective than their single rebate equivalents.

The construction of each Bowater DUO door means it is 54% thicker than a standard door, making it far more effective at retaining heat. Each door in the range also has double compression seals where the door meets the frame – so you have two additional barriers to keep heat in, and cold and draughts out!

The high quality materials that go into a Bowater DUO Door, all add up to create a door that achieves the most impressive ratings on the market.

The energy-efficient performance of a door is now measured in a ratings scheme from ‘A’ to ‘G’.

The DSER (Door Set Energy Rating) for all Bowater DUO doors is ‘A’, meaning they offer the highest possible levels of energy-efficiency and heat retention.

Triple glazing is available in glazed Bowater DUO doors, further improving thermal and acoustic insulation.

All covered by a ten year guarantee

A Warm Home

DUO Doors – Peace of Mind

Every Bowater DUO door is fitted with an extremely secure multipoint locking system. When fitted into a 68mm DUO door (54% thicker than a standard door) you have a door that can offer the highest levels of security.

From start to finish, DUO doors are designed and manufactured in the UK to meet or exceed all current British Standards. These include PAS23 & PAS24 .

The range makes use of the most reliable, trusted technology and hardware in the industry. Each door has been designed to provide a formidable barrier against even the most determined intruder – so you know that all your visitors will be by invitation only!

The high quality sub-frame is individually constructed to match every door size exactly, without ‘cutting it down to fit’ and has galvanised steel reinforcement in both the door frame and outer frame. The DUO door combines strength and stability with robust joints locking everything tightly in place.

54% thicker than most standard composite or timber doors, the Bowater DUO Composite Door range offers complete peace of mind.

A Bowater Composite Door will provide you with the utmost security, so you can have peace of mind that you will be safe and secure in your own home


A choice of high quality hardware is available to complement each door. With a choice of black, white, chrome or gold and aside from handles and letterplates, you can choose features such as door knockers, security chains, and even spyholes!

DUO Doors – Shhhhhh!

The double rebate of each DUO door not only helps lower your heating bills, it also helps you leave the stresses of the outside world behind when you close the door.

Your home will be a quiet and relaxing haven, closed off from the sound of traffic and noisy neighbours thanks to the DUO doors’ high density core. Because each door in the range is 54% thicker than a standard door, you can expect much more peace and quiet.

Triple glazing is available on selected styles within the range, further improving acoustic insulation.

The DUO door range – for sound reduction that’s worth shouting about!

Peaceful Sleep


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